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2017 Main Event

All 8 messages from the 2017 MAIN EVENT are now available on DVD and CD. Without a doubt, this was one of the most powerful meetings in the history of the ministry!

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New Testament Study Bible

God's Prophetic Agenda

This 2017 Manna-Fest offer includes 6 prophetic messages selected by Perry to explain where we are in the calendar of end times. Along with these 6 prophetic messages, you will receive a single cd message, “The Weather Factor” which relates to signs of the times and answers the tough question, “Why Does Disaster Happen to Good people?

New Testament Study Bible

Spiritual Power Games Package

Get equipped to conquer the battles you are facing with this, “The “Spiritual Power Games” Manna-Fest offer! This offer includes 3 resources, Perry’s book, “Living with a Man in Two Worlds”, a 2 audio CD album, “Games Demons Play” and a single audio CD, “5 Questions Satan Hopes you Never Ask!”

New Testament Study Bible

2017 Prophetic Summit Conference

During the recent Prophetic Summit, over 5,000 convened for a wonderful 4 days of prophetic teaching sessions! These 11 messages are unedited and available on both CD and DVD. The CDs include the entire message. T

New Testament Study Bible

New Testament Study Bible

The NT Study Bible contains the New Testament scriptures from the King James Version compiled with over 300,000 words of Perry Stone’s insightful commentary and historical context to bring readers a deeper knowledge of the Word of God.

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