Star of Bethlehem Special Offer – Star of Bethlehem CD – 25 Signs of Christ Return DVD and Star of David Pendant- LIMITED TIME ONLY

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Get this while it is still available at this price! This Star of Bethlehem Special Offer includes the CD “The Star of Bethlehem and Real Birth of Jesus”, the DVD “25 Unusual Signs of Christ’s 2nd Coming” along with one of our lovely Star of David pendants. Only a few more days then it will be discontinued so order now!


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One time a year Perry selects a limited quantity of items and drastically reduces the price to allow materials and resources to be purchased and shared with friends and family. Now is the time to take advantage of this event!  Included in this one time offer is Perry’s DVD entitled 25 Unusual Signs of Christ’s Second Coming and the CD The Star of Bethlehem and a lovely pendant ,  “Star of David” pendant. See a more detailed description of the 3 pieces included in this offer.

The Star of Bethlehem Special includes one of each of the following 3 items.

DV078 – “25 Unusual Signs of Christ’s Second Coming” – On this 2-hour DVD you will discover 4 Biblical prophecies which reveal how the Jews would return to Israel in the last days, 7 types of cosmic signs indicating Christ’s return, research on the Dome of the Rock and more!

CD025 – The Star of Bethlehem and the Real Birth of Jesus CD explains the amazing correlation between Jesus conception on or near Hannukah (Dec 25) and his birth during a major Fall Feast. Discover why Jesus was born in a stable and the alignment of planets (The King’s planet) and the cosmic activity surrounding Christ’s birth.

PND-S1 – Our  Star of David Pendant is by far one of the most versatile and beautiful pendants available. The pendant is in the shape of the Star of David and filled with brightly colored stones. This is loved by all ages.

This offer is limited so order now before they are gone!