In the Shadow of the Final Beast


In the Shadow of the Final Beast – ITEM#  2CD382

This is an urgent prophetic message related to the ISIS beheadings and the ancient spirit emerging over Iraq and Syria.

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Perry unlocks the book of Daniel and John’s apocalyptic prophecies with new insight. He reveals how the coming wars will not be geopolitical but will be wars over religious ideology which centers on the deity of Jesus Christ.  This is a stunning expose every believer should hear. All indications point to the foundation being laid for the man called the Antichrist to arise from the Middle East and not from Europe as many teachers have taught.

This 2-CD audio is also available as part of Manna-Fest offer, “ACC-115   AMERICA’S CONTROVERSY WITH GOD’S COVENANT” which includes both this album along with Perry and Bill Cloud’s book, “America’s Controversy with God’s Covenant”.  See ACC-115 for more information.

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