God’s Prophetic Agenda Pkg


Manna-Fest offer: Unlocking God’s Prophetic Agenda includes a 6 CD album of Perry’s latest prophetic messages giving answers and insight to the time of the end.  In addition to this 6 CD album is the single CD, “The Weather Factor” that answers  the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  

ITEM#  GA-125


This 2017 Manna-Fest offer includes 6 prophetic messages selected by Perry to explain where we are in the calendar of end times. Along with these 6 prophetic messages you will receive a single cd message, “The Weather Factor” which relates to signs of the times and answers the tough question, “Why Does Disaster Happen to Good people? 

The 6 prophetic message album includes the messages:

  • Has the Tribulation Already Begun?
  • How to Pray to Release Angels During Prophetic Seasons
  • The Lot Principle for Escaping End-Time Judgements
  • The Passover Shini – God’s Prophetic Purpose
  • When God Changed the Dispensation of Time
  • Seven Prince Spirits Released by the Dragon

 Plus you receive the single cd, “The Weather Factor – The Shaking of the Heaven & Earth”.