7 CD Special Offer – Lowest Price Ever Offered for a limited time only!

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A total of 7 powerful audio CD messages by Perry at a discounted price for a limited time only!  Order today while they last!


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One time a year Perry selects a limited quantity of items and offers them at a special discount price. This set of 7 audio CDs is the best CD special ever offered!  We’ve included a selection of messages touching on a range of topics. This offer will only be available for a very limited time. Don’t miss this opportunity to receive all 7 of the following messages by Perry at a fraction of the normal price.

In this special offer you receive a single copy of each of the following audio CD messages by Perry: This is a great variety of message topics that you and anyone will enjoy!

CD005 – Hurricanes – A message on strange weather patterns as being experienced around the world.

CD006 – Latest Word on Last Days – This anointed word will open your eyes to the judgement and crisis being experienced in America today and is yet more evidence of the day and time in which we live.

CD016 -Understanding Strange End Time Prophecies – an insightful teaching on ancient prophecies that are now being made known to the church that our fathers did not understand!

CD030 – Worship Wars – how we should worship, what style of music we should have, the use of musical instruments and other issues have caused division in some churches. Perry digs into special word studies and gives Biblical answers

CD049 – Scammed – Perry was impressed to expose the top ten scams to help you not fall prey to the many ‘crooks’ that are attempting to get your credit information and social security number!

CD072 – When God Gets In Your Shoes –  teaches you how to step aside and let God change your circumstances. (Pam’s favorite message)

CD074 – Don’t Go To Hell Over a Mystery –  Some experiences can shake your foundation and beliefs. This message addresses this and has helped many that have dealt with painful experiences in life.