2018 SBG Offer Special – Limited Time Only

$50.00 $25.00

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY – Secrets Beyond the Grave Special Offer  which includes Perry’s Secrets Beyond the Grave book and 2 of Perry’s 2-CD albums answering questions pertaining to life after death. 


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One time a year Perry selects a limited quantity of items and offers them at a special discounted price. This “SBG Offer” includes 3 items on the topic of “Secrets Beyond the Grave.”.

You receive a copy of Perry’s book, “Secrets Beyond the Grave” – In this book Perry gives detailed explanations to the amazing mysteries linked to life after death, eternity, paradise, heaven, and the chambers of the underworld located under the sea. You also receive a copy of each of the following 2-CD ALBUMS:

Secrets of Paradise” – This teaching takes you on an amazing journey into life after death.This informative 2-CD answers controversial questions about soul sleep, paradise and purgatory.

Secrets of the Spirit World“.- A special interview between Perry and his father, Fred Stone! in which they discussed a wide range of life experiences and special stories to illustrate the spirit realm – both demonic conflicts and learning to hear from the Lord.