International School of the Word (ISOW)


September 2017

Our dream of bringing affordable and accessible Bible training is becoming a reality. At ISOW, we believe God has given us a mandate of CONNECTING THE WORD TO THE WORLD. It has been our goal from the start to create an affordable and accessible biblical education which is easy to maneuver and does not leave our students strapped with long term debt. As we approach our 2018 launch, we are seeing this dream come to fruition.

ISOW courses will be offered in a variety of ways: À la carte for personal study, as part of a certificate in Biblical Studies, or as accredited courses for credit towards a degree in Bible.

We are making tremendous strides in course development at ISOW and now will be able to offer courses in the following seven categories:

Books of the Bible

Bible Prophecy

Bible Languages and Hebraic Studies


Topical Bible Studies

Ministry Development

Personal Development

Our three different types of curriculum include commentary curriculum, reading curriculum, and video curriculum. Accessing the ISOW curriculum requires a very simple process:

Step 1 – Go to on your computer, smart phone, or digital tablet

Step 2 – Browse our courses and watch the intro videos for courses you may like

Step 3 – Select your course

Step 4 – Register as an ISOW student (This will only be required one time. During the registration process, you will be asked to choose a user name and login password)

Step 5 – Begin taking your course

The ISOW learning management software will track all your completed work and show you what courses you have taken and how many more courses you need to complete the certificate program. If you choose not to work toward a certificate or degree, feel free to take any course you choose for personal study. Students wishing to work toward a college degree will be asked to register as a college student and will be required to take additional prerequisite courses from our collaborating university, unless those prerequisites have been met elsewhere.

If you have previously taken college courses, a transcript must be submitted to our collaborating university to assure that you receive credit for those courses. Once a degree has been completed, the student will receive a joint degree from both ISOW and our collaborating university.


ISOW courses are ideal for people in every stage of life. First, it is an ideal school for the pastor or minister with some college credit or biblical education who is already involved in ministry. Our independent study model and low costs provide an ideal way for an adult to complete their degree. Because we will be able to offer a competency-based education (a system that enables students to skip some classwork and assignments if they can pass the tests), some of our students will be able to accelerate their degree and complete it in a shorter amount of time. Your online professor/student advisor will allow you to accelerate your testing at their discretion.


ISOW courses are also ideal for a person who has never been to college but wishes to earn a degree from an online Bible college – or for anyone who simply wishes to study the Bible on their own time. ISOW courses are also ideal for adults who wish to delve deeper into the word or take a refresher course on a course like our study of Revelation. If a degree is not something you plan to use in your field of ministry or your career, our certificate program will enable you to complete the same concentration of Bible courses as the degree program with the exception of general core requirements. This means you will be able to focus on the areas that interest you or would most greatly benefit you, and you can receive a biblical education for a fraction of the cost of a traditional degree.


In the next few weeks, we will be offering a few of our ISOW courses taught by Perry Stone on DVD. If you purchase an ISOW DVD set and wish to take that course later for credit, you will be able to type in the serial number from your DVD set when you take the course and the amount of the DVD set will be automatically deducted from your course price. It’s just that simple and easy!


ISOW is connecting the Word to the world, but as we continue to develop curriculum, film teachers and offer monthly studio seminars, we need prayer support. We are asking that all of the Perry Stone Ministry Partners pray for ISOW daily. Not only is our project a huge undertaking, it also comes with ongoing spiritual warfare and distractions. Pray for our team to stay focused, energized, and unified in our goals and in our mission.



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