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New Testament Study Bible

This Season of Angels Package

Perry’s newest Manna-Fest offer includes his new book, ‘This Season of Angels’ along with a special 2-CD album, ‘Defeating Satan’s Toughest Attacks’ that deals directly with depression, oppression and suicidal thoughts. This is a powerful powerful resource for everyone.

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New Testament Study Bible

Ancient Symbols and Prophetic Parables Revealing Christ’s Return Package

This newest prophetic DVD teaching unlocks Biblical prophetic parables and symbols from the Word of God revealing Christ’s return.

Holy Spirit Prayer Language Pkg

The Apocalypse Made Easy

This package includes Perry’s newest prophetic 2-hour DVD,  “Ancient Symbols and Prophetic Parables Revealing Christ’s Return.”  On this DVD Perry shares awesome insights concealed in symbols found in ancient catacombs during the first 3 centuries of Christianity.

Holy Spirit Prayer Language Pkg

2018 Prophetic Summit Conference

The 2018 Prophetic Summit messages are now on audio CD! Get the latest prophetic word from the  ministry as shared by Rabbi Landry, Joel Richardson, Bill Cloud, Mark Biltz and Perry Stone!

New Testament Study Bible

New Testament Study Bible

The NT Study Bible contains the New Testament scriptures from the King James Version compiled with over 300,000 words of Perry Stone’s insightful commentary and historical context to bring readers a deeper knowledge of the Word of God.

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